• Correct use and maintenance of UPS battery

    Correct use and maintenance of UPS battery

    In the process of using the uninterruptible power supply system, people tend to think that the battery is maintenance-free without paying attention to it. However, some data show that the proportion of UPS host failure or abnormal operation caused by battery failure is about 1/3. It can be seen t...
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  • Voltage stabilizer

    Voltage stabilizer

    The power supply voltage regulator is a power supply circuit or power supply equipment that can automatically adjust the output voltage. The equipment can work normally under the rated working voltage. The voltage stabilizer can be widely used in: electronic computers, precision machine tools, co...
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  • Mining machines

    Mining machines

    Mining machines are computers used to earn bitcoins. Such computers generally have professional mining crystals, and most of them work by burning graphics cards, which consumes a lot of power. The user downloads the software with a personal computer and then runs a specific algorithm. After commu...
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  • Modular UPS

    Modular UPS

    The system structure of the modular UPS power supply is extremely flexible. The design concept of the power module is that the power module can be removed and installed at will during the operation of the system without affecting the operation and output of the system. The development achieves &#...
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  • Solar Inverter

    Solar Inverter

    Photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter or solar inverter) can convert the variable DC voltage generated by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into an inverter with alternating current (AC) frequency of mains frequency, which can be fed back to the commercial power transmission system, or supplied to the ...
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  • Solar inverters

    Solar inverters

    Inverter, also known as power regulator and power regulator, is an indispensable part of photovoltaic system. The main function of the photovoltaic inverter is to convert the direct current generated by the solar panel into the alternating current used by home appliances. Through the full-bridge ...
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  • solar system

    solar system

    Solar photovoltaic systems are divided into off-grid photovoltaic power generation systems, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation systems and distributed photovoltaic power generation systems: 1. Off-grid photovoltaic power generation system. It is mainly composed of solar cell components,...
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  • General Requirements for UPS Maintenance

    General Requirements for UPS Maintenance

    1. An operation guide should be placed on the UPS host site to guide on-site operations. 2. The parameter setting information of the UPS should be fully recorded, properly archived and kept and updated in time. 3. Check whether various automatic, alarm and protection functions are normal. 4. R...
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