• Intelligent Power Distribution Uint

    Intelligent Power Distribution Uint

    The intelligent power distribution unit is an intelligent power distribution system used to monitor the power consumption of equipment and the parameters of its environment. Intelligent Power Distribution Uint Namely: intelligent power distribution system (including equipment hardware and managem...
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  • Server room air conditioner

    Server room air conditioner

    The computer room precision air conditioner is a special air conditioner designed for the computer room of modern electronic equipment. Its working accuracy and reliability are much higher than ordinary air conditioners. We all know that computer equipment and program-controlled switch products a...
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  • Circuit-breaker

    A circuit breaker refers to a switching device that can close, carry and break current under normal circuit conditions and can close, carry and break current under abnormal circuit conditions within a specified time. Circuit breakers are divided into high-voltage circuit breakers and low-voltage ...
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  • Surge protection Device

    Surge protection Device

    Surge protector, also known as lightning arrester, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instrumentation, and communication lines. When a surge current or voltage is suddenly generated in an electrical circuit or communication line due to extern...
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  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

    The English name of valve-regulated lead-acid battery is Valve Regulated Lead Battery (VRLA battery for short). There is a one-way exhaust valve (also called a safety valve) on the cover. The function of this valve is to discharge the gas when the amount of gas inside th...
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  • IDC Room

    IDC Room

    Internet Data Center (Internet Data Center) referred to as IDC, is the use of existing Internet communication lines and bandwidth resources by the telecommunications department to establish a standardized telecommunications professional-level computer room environment to...
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  • Rack Power Supplies

    Rack Power Supplies

    The rack-mounted power supply is a power supply device mainly used in the integrated centralized power supply of the security system. It is an inevitable product for the standardized management and centralized management of the security system. Can output sine wave, zero conversion time. Scope of...
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  • LiFePO4 Battery

    LiFePO4 Battery

    The lithium iron phosphate battery is a lithium-ion battery using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the positive electrode material and carbon as the negative electrode material. During the charging process, some of the lithium ions in the lithium iron phosphate are extracted, transferred to th...
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